Table Talks + Week 3 + Recap


If we are honest, we are to often attempting to do the right things with the wrong heart. Picture perfect and put together, we can almost fool ourselves into believing that’s who we are. But what about our source, where does our motivations lie, and who holds our heart? These questions are all asked by Jesus around the dinner table.

Continuing with a collection of talks called Table Talks, Pastor Jason dives into the Gospel of Luke. Robert Karris lists no less than 51 passages related to eating and drinking and states that the considerable truth of Luke’s Gospel is that - Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. There is something to significant that happens every time - so each week we are considering what Jesus has to teach us about himself, about each of us and what that means for us today.

This week, Pastor Jason took us to Luke 14 and the story of Jesus at a Pharisee’s House.

He led us to consider the three actions Jesus confronts in the passage and the contradiction of right action without the right heart. We were challenged to consider what humility really means, and how that translates in our everyday lives. Kendrick Lamar, and Preacher Shoes may have been utilized (you have to listen to the podcast below).

And that was just the start to an amazing Sunday! After the service we invited everyone to share an incredible meal that our team prepared. New friends, great conversations and a fantastic Sunday together.

Check out the podcast and photos below, and make plans to join us this Sunday for Week 4 of Table Talks!