The F Word + Backhands & Boundaries (Wk 4)


One of the most shocking findings of Brene Brown’s work is the idea that the most compassionate people she had interviewed were actually the most boundaried. A definition of boundaries is simply what is ok and what is not ok. What we do is not set boundaries. In our talk this week we had talked the necessity and power of boundaries in our process of forgiveness. If revenge is our default what is Jesus saying in Matthew 5 when he says to turn the other cheek? Is he asking us to have a passive faith or is there more to it. Pastor Jason led us to this final thought:

“So my prayer today as we close this conversation on forgiveness is that you recognize that you are worthy of more than the way you have been mistreated. But that you can reclaim your respect, autonomy and dignity through forgivness and non-vioence without using revenge and bitterness. That you know you need healthy boundaries in your life not simply to protect yourself but to forgive well, to live well and to love from a place of overflow. May your face the future with a renewed imagination of what is healthy for you. With hope for the day that you might be free of those things you thought would be with you forever.”