It Was a Setup


This Sunday we explored the journey of Peter through John 13 and John 21 considering how we see each moment in a culture of instant gratification and how Jesus views the world with a wider context. Instant gratification has become the norm for us but often prevents us from seeing the grander story that God is working in the world around us. Pastor Jason considered how the journey Peter went on prepared him to respond and receive the love that Jesus had for him on that beach after the resurrection and what that means for our story today. #ItWasASetup


We have community groups happening throughout Langley starting this week and the start of our lunch program serving at H.D. Stafford this Friday @ 10:45am.

Next week we start our new series: SUNSHINE & SHADOWS - A Conversation Around Mental Health.

Join us Sunday, 10:30am @ H.D. Stafford Middle School