Table Talks + Week 5 + Recap

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Who am I comparing and measuring myself against? This is a struggle we all encounter. Where we are so worried about the person on our right and our left that we are unable to be content. In Luke 22 Jesus is interrupted in his final discourse by a dispute of comparison and greatness amongst the disciples - and in a moment when they were invited into communion they fell into comparison.

Continuing with a collection of talks called Table Talks, Pastor Jason dives into the Gospel of Luke. Robert Karris lists no less than 51 passages related to eating and drinking and states that the considerable truth of Luke’s Gospel is that - Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. There is something to significant that happens every time - so each week we are considering what Jesus has to teach us about himself, about each of us and what that means for us today.

This week, Pastor Jason took us to Luke 22 and the story of The Last Supper. And challenged us to consider how comparison has robbed us of the invitation of communion in our own lives.

God wants you to be great, but great by his definition. As the one who serves, not just the one who sits. So he will place opportunities in your life to be great – to serve, to love, to sacrifice – and the question we are left with is: will we be so caught up in our comparison that will miss our moments of communion?

We then had the opportunity to take part in communion at the end of our time together that morning. Great conversations continued into the foyer and everyone went off to enjoy some sunshine!

Check out the podcast and photos below, and make plans to join us this Sunday for Baptism Sunday and our final week of Table Talks! Community Groups are happening as well all week. You can find more information on these HERE

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