Table Talks + Week 4 + Recap

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What gives us significance? Why do we matter? Where do we find ourselves falling short? Alfred Adler coined the term “overcompensation” in 1907 and it remains relevant to us today. It has more impact on the way we live than we are aware of, and creates an uneven foundation. In Luke 19, Jesus approaches someone who seems to spend his entire life overcompensating and his response at the table has a lot to say about how we can respond today.

Continuing with a collection of talks called Table Talks, Pastor Jason dives into the Gospel of Luke. Robert Karris lists no less than 51 passages related to eating and drinking and states that the considerable truth of Luke’s Gospel is that - Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. There is something to significant that happens every time - so each week we are considering what Jesus has to teach us about himself, about each of us and what that means for us today.

This week, Pastor Jason took us to Luke 19 and the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

Considering what tax collectors were perceived as, the timing of the interaction and the disregard for public perception Jesus makes a clear statement that he has truly come to “seek and save the lost.” There is an incredible freedom which Zacchaeus responds to at the dinner table but it isn’t exactly as we remember it from Sunday School (you’ll have to check the podcast).

And that was just the start to an amazing Sunday! That night we had our first Welcome To Church Party and had 26 people crammed into an apartment and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Worshipping together, learning more about Jesus, new friends, great conversations and a fantastic Sunday together.

Check out the podcast and photos below, and make plans to join us this Sunday for Communion Sunday and Week 5 of Table Talks!

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