We are a Community characterized by the person and life of Jesus. 

Our heart as a church is founded in our belief in Jesus and who He is. We believe that it is through Jesus that we discover the beauty of love and life. Jesus isn’t an aloof deity set apart from humankind, rather He came to earth to welcome us into relationship with Him. It wasn’t an obligation, but a natural overflow of who He is: LOVE. It is incomprehensible in our human experience, but this radical love is made readily available to all today. We wish to be a community that carries that same mentality. To be one which takes the love, grace, and truth exhibited in the life, teachings, and person of Jesus and share it in all we do. We want to keep it simple and live out the statement: You Are Welcome Here.

Love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.
— John 15:12-13

Our Pastor - Jason Charles

Jason Charles - Lead Pastor

Jason was born and raised in Calgary, but is loving his new reality here in Langley. Sunshine and green grass in January is something he can get used to. He had the privilege of serving and leading the youth and young adults ministries at Calgary Life Church over the course of ten years. It was there he felt his passion for the people and local church flourish. In the summer of 2017, he along with an incredible team moved from Calgary to start City Collective. The team is a diverse, quirky, dynamic group of individuals who call themselves family. They love sharing food around a dinner table and meeting new people daily. They love to laugh and take full advantage of the ocean being so close. Jason is known for his big smile, love for people, and passion to see people discover a relationship with Jesus. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, spends too much time reading and watching sports, probably used video games too often as a ministry tool in youth group and is excited for the next step of life in BC.  




Together: We were never designed to do life alone. We are created to exist in relationship. We want to be a community that is present, that is available and that stands with each other in every part of our journey. A community desiring real relationships and conversations. Our heart for others will always be expressed through our community. We believe that we are better together.

Creating Space:  We have a role to play in what God is doing in the lower mainland. We aren’t catering to an audience but rather serving, building, crafting, and creating spaces for people to discover life in Jesus. In everything we do we want to do it with excellence, to be relevant, and to keep Jesus at the center. This isn’t constrained to the four walls of a church or a Sunday morning but happens everywhere we go.

For Everyone: Every person matters to us. We want to be a church where everyone feels welcome. We believe that Jesus came to bring love and hope to all. Regardless of their history, or whether or not people believe what we believe, they will find a home here at City Collective. We will always carry the mantra: You Are Welcome Here.

To Discover: We embrace the journey. We want to be a church that doesn’t shy away from open conversations and asking honest questions. The process of discovery is beautiful and the opportunity to see people encounter Jesus drives us. We engage with culture and believe discovering life in Jesus compels us to express His love in both action and words.

Life in Jesus: The most incredible invitation we could ever be given.

City Collective Church is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).

The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) — is a rapidly growing multi-ethnic denomination in Canada and the United States with ministries on five continents of the world. Founded in 1885 by Swedish immigrants, the ECC values the Bible as the Word of God, the gift of God's grace and ever-deepening spiritual life that comes through faith in Jesus Christ, the importance of extending God's love and compassion to a hurting world, and the strength that comes from unity within diversity.

What makes the Covenant unique from other denominations is the fact that while it strongly affirms the clear teaching of the Word of God, it allows believers the personal freedom to have varying interpretations on theological issues that are not clearly presented in Scripture. For more information visit: